Suitable Clothes And Hiking Backpacks To Bring Whilst Hiking

To experience hiking at it’s very best, it is very important wear appropriate hiking clothing. Some pieces of clothing are more essential to a productive hiking trip than others. Boots are very important. Hiking boots will need to have an effective tread on the soles. Tread is crucial if you are walking through mud or loose soil. An effective tread will also make walking uphill easier. The boot also needs to support the ankles and be comfortable for long periods. It really is worth investing in a good quality pair of boots and they will reward you with many years of wear.

Trousers and a jacket ideally needs to be wind proof. When hiking you will be much more exposed to wind than if you were just going out for a walk around the block. Look for a top quality anorak with a lot of pockets for a GPS, binoculars or ordinance maps. The anorak should really be lined unless you’re hiking in exceptionally warm weather. An effective fur lined hood will also be useful throughout the colder months of the year. If you like observing wildlife you might consider a natural coloured anorak and pants,  for instance olive or camouflaged. Bright reds or yellow hiking clothing will scare wildlife and appear unnatural.

Pants or trousers need to be of a tough material, water-resistant, light and comfy to wear. Elasticated waists are usually more comfortable to wear for long time periods and will adjust to bending and stretching much better than wearing braces or a belt.

Cotton shirts and blouses will absorb sweat better than many synthetic materials, and provide greater insulation from the wind. Cotton is additionally more comfortable to wear for longer periods. Woolly hats and sweaters are also useful. Even through the warmest months of the year it still can get chilly at night and a sweater and woolly hat kept in your hiking backpacks might be considered vital.

Gloves should ideally be leather as woollen gloves can get ripped on fence posts etc. The gloves should allow easy movement of the fingers. Leather gloves should be lined with a cotton or synthetic materials to keep the hands snug in the very coldest of weathers.

Hiking backpacks are an essential piece of a hiker’s equipment. Hiking backpacks provide storage for your needs. Choose a backpack that is sufficient enough to carry food supplies, water and a bedroll in case you are planning to sleep out. Should you be stopping out overnight your backpack will also need to be big enough to hold a portable gas hob and torch. Hiking backpacks should also have broad straps to take the strain of being worn throughout the day. The material also needs to be sturdy enough to take the rough and tumble of hiking.


Socks are another essential part of a hiker’s kit. Always have a spare set of thick socks in the case of cold weather. Appropriate socks will steer clear of the possibility of chilblains which will ruin the hike.

Wearing sensible hiking clothing for hiking will enhance the experience. Never go hiking inappropriately attired. Cold can kill, be prepared for all weather conditions even during the most warm summer months.

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