New Balance Hiking Shoes

Have a look at the three different models of shoes that we have displayed, so that you can get a good idea of the different things that the brand has to offer.

New Balance Men’s MO650 Outdoor Multi-Sport Shoe:

The prices of these new balance hiking shoes are $39.97-$68.95, which gives an indication to the fact that these are available at exceptional prices. Moreover, the features of durability, comfort and design is also amazing in these shoes. Some of the noticeable qualities of this model include:

1. The measurement of the heel is about 1 inch

2. Sole is of rubber while blend of leather and mesh makes the rest part of the shoe.

These are wonderful models, and can be worth the value of your purchase.

New Balance Men’s MT20 Trail Minimus Shoe:

These new balance hiking shoes are also great models that are simply designed for men within a price range of $76.97 to about $109.95. Every man can simply fall in love with the collection of shoes from this model.,default,sc.html The other notable features include:

1. Sole of rubber, acteva midsole and vibram outsole

2. Specially designed with antimicrobial technology to cater to the requirements of foot bed

3. Combination of materials like synthetic and mesh for making the shoe
With the amazing varieties of features offered by this model, they are often the ultimate selection of the male hikers and adventurists.

New Balance Men’s MO1520 Multi Sport Shoe:

As the name indicates, these new balance hiking shoes have been designed in such a manner, so that they can not only serve the purpose of hiking, but at the same time, they can also be used for other sport activities.

1. The blended features of cushion and compression

2. The optimal support arch is designed to offer special support to the feet during walking, running or hiking.


Therefore, these are the ideal hiking shoes that can easily be purchased.

It is best to have a look at these three models of new balance hiking shoes, so that you can make your choice. You can not only get an idea of the features of these shoes, but at the same time, you can also expect to get them at cheaper rates, if you buy online. We are sure that after having a look at the features of different models, you would be confident in your selection.

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