Men’s hiking boots, Make it Last for years

What is the best way to make your men’s hiking boots last for years? Should you wash it with soap and water? Should you wash it just with soap, or just with water? Should you put it in the dryer? Should you air dry it? Should you attempt to re-sole it? Should you buy a new pair? Read and you will see.

How to wash your men’s hiking boot-After a day of hiking you should first knock off all of the dirt and grime from your boots. After your boots are free of dirt, wipe them off with a damp cloth.

Remove the insoles-Believe it or not, removing the insole is a way to keep your men’s hiking boots looking and smelling their best. Remove the insole allows them to aerate, removing the bacteria that causes odor.

Let them air dry-You don’t necessarily have to wet the insole; airing it out should be enough. If you choose to wash the insole, it is okay. After you wet your boot with the damp cloth, allow it to air dry for at least two days.

Do not put the boots in the dryer-You don’t have to put your hiking boots in the dryer to dry. For one, it will be pretty loud hearing it bounce around the dryer. Secondly, the heat in a dryer may be too much and may ruin your men’s hiking boots. If your dryer has an air dry setting, you may feel free to use it to dry your boots. If your dryer has a tray to set boots and hats upon as it dry, use it to eliminate the noise.

men hiking boots Do not put boots in the sun to dry-The sun is not the best place to dry your hiking boots either. The best way to dry your hiking boots is to air dry them away from the hot sun.

a men hiking boots

Do not use soap-You don’t want to add soap to any water that you use to clean your men’s hiking boots. Soap will disintegrate the fabric on your boots, thus shortening its life.

Stuff with newspaper- While you boots air dry, stuff them with newspaper. This is the perfect way to absorb any extra moisture that may come from its washing.

Wax it a bit-While it is a little damp, put on a thin layer of wax. This is a great way to seal in some moisture and to keep the fabric of your men’s hiking boots flexible and pliable.

men hiking boots To re-sole or not to re-sole- Re-soling is the process of reapplying the heel to a pair of hiking boots that has come apart. Since men’s hiking boots can take quite a beating it is not suggested that you do a re-sole yourself. A professional shoe re-solers can be found on the internet. This process can be expensive, running from $60-$75 dollars. If you don’t want to pay that much to fix old shoes, then go ahead and buy a new pair of men’s hiking boots.

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