Equipment for Hikers

If you want to take up the hobby of hiking, there are certain things you will need. Look at our list and see the things that you will need. You will enjoy buying things as fun as the best hiking boots on the market; essential for walkers to a compass; not essential, but important to help you navigate in the outdoors.

• Compass-A compass is an instrument used to help you to navigate. It helps you know whether you are standing north, south, east, or west. A hiker can use a compass, especially if they are new to hiking and don’t have a good sense of direction. Be sure to know what direction you are starting off on. Use the compass to direct your hiking and back home.

Water-A bladder is an inventive way to transport your water for your hike. A bladder hold water on your person and has a hose so that you can drink from it easily. You may also want a purification tablet to purify any water source that you may find if you need water desperately.

Food-GORP or Good Old Fashion Raisins and Pecans is an easy way to satisfy your hunger and keep you energy. You can always add more than raisins and pecans. Sunflower seeds, almonds, prunes, walnuts, and pistachios do well in GORP.

Hiking boots-If you want to enjoy your hike, be sure to pick the best hiking boots that you can find. Men’s hiking boots come in many different makes and models. As a hiker, you will want a pair of men’s hiking boots if you have weak ankles, weak knees, or some other thing that may impede your walk. Be sure to do your research before you purchase your hiking boots.

Walking stick- A good pair of men’s hiking boots are helped with a walking stick. Walking sticks are used to help hikers traverse the plains. They help distribute your weight and sometimes help you go a little further than you thought you could before.

Rain gear and rain clothing-If the weather turns before you finish you hike, you will be glad that you picked rain gear and rain clothing in your backpack. Be sure that it is light and wont add to your weight.

Hat and sunscreen-If you choose to hike during the day, be sure to pack a hat and some sunscreen. Sometimes your hiking path is shaded by trees and bushes; for that you won’t need a hat and sunscreen. Sometimes your hike will take you through sun shiny spots that bask in the sun; for that you will be glad you have a hat and sunscreen. Sometimes a hat will work if it begins to rain during your hike as well.


Hiking shoes-Men’s hiking boots may be the choice for some hikers, but a newbie may just want to start with a pair of hiking shoes. Men’s hiking shoes are a bit lighter than boots. You want as little weight on you when you hike.

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