It‘s not enough to wear hiking shoes, safety also matters!

Are you an adventure addict? Are you one who ties up your hiking boots and sets off for the great unknown? If you are intending on doing high octane outdoors activities this summer, you best be aware of a few safety issues before you start climbing towards the sky. Don’t worry though, we have a list here for you about how you can stay safe whilst hiking up the most dangerous of mountains. Remember, you need more than hiking boots. Read on and get in the know about your hiking safety.

  • Beware of Ankle Injuries:

It is very simple to fall over on your ankle and give yourself a nasty sprain. Such minor injuries are not threatening but they are extremely painful and they will limit your ability to move. The most dangerous thing about them is that if you get injured whilst hiking, you ankle debilitation will cause you to fall and cause a worse injury. It is a domino effect. In order to prevent ankle strains, make sure to get a good pair of hiking boots from a company you can trust. Make sure that they disclose all of their specifications and the materials they use so that you may make an informed decisions.

  • Rattlesnakes:

If you are out wandering in hot climates, beware of the baby rattlesnakes. You are at threat from these creatures in the summer months. Make sure that your hikingbootsare of good quality, so that if you happen to come into contact with one of these reptiles, their venom does not penetrate the shoe and you remain safe. The best advice of course, is to keep your eyes and ears open and avoid falling foul of the creatures in the first place.

  • Check Your Shoes:

If you have managed to reach the top of your mountain brave hiker, no doubt you will want to rest or maybe even camp out. Of course this involves taking off your hikingbootsand most likely leaving them out to air. Great for easing that pungent smell, but remember that when you get up in the morning to shake out your shoes. A poisonous insect may haver taken shelter in the warm damp shoe overnight. Many deaths and serious injuries have occurred due to hikers ignoring the simple but vital piece of advice. Do not be caught on the wrong end of a shoe spider, you won’t be walking for a while.

So my dear hikers, we have discussed some of the more important safety features which must be considered if you plan to take a trek up the mountains this summer. It is important that you remember that safety is not confined to the whether or not you wear hikingboots. You must remember to use the tips that we have told you or it will all have been nothing. So stick on your hiking boots and get climbing…safely.


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