Easy Steps on Planning for a Hiking and Backpacking Holiday?

Have you decided on a hiking and backpacking holiday with your friends? It is probably the summer break and you and your friends want to have some outdoor fun for a few days. You want a rugged and adventurous outing and you don’t want any fancy hotels or car rentals. You guys don’t have the slightest idea how to plan for hiking and backpacking holidays as this is your first one. Well, lucky you! You have come to the right place. I will show you easy steps on how to plan for the trip you want.

To start it all off, you need to decide on where you are going first. There are many places that you can go hiking and backpacking like maybe a popular hiking site in another state. However, if you have the extra money to spend on a great vacation, why don’t you go to Europe instead? Many backpackers love going to Europe http://www.backpacking.net/beginner.html for hiking and backpacking holidays; it will be great for you on your first trip.

Now, if you are already decided on where you want to go, it’s now time to discuss the essential things you will need, which are very easy to remember: Backpack, clothes, food and survival gear. It will be helpful to know how long you will be going away for to determine how much clothes and food you will be taking with you. First is your backpack, don’t just pick any backpack. It needs to be sturdy, durable and comfortable. You might have to invest on expensive backpacks to make sure it won’t break on you during your hiking and backpacking holidays. Also pick a backpack of the right size that can carry all your clothes and food that you need for the trip.

Second, when packing clothes, it is better to be minimal about it. Pick clothing that is lightweight and is easy to wash, preferably thin shorts and sleeveless shirts. You will be spending days under the sun and you’ll probably get dirty as well. So, you’ll want clothes that are easy to carry around and wash too. Don’t ever forget to bring socks with you as they can serve as protection for your feet. In addition, bring the most comfortable shoes you’ve got, preferably those that are meant for hiking and long walks.

Backpacking with friends

And lastly, pack your survival gear completely as these are extremely important if you want to survive outdoors. Bring your first aid kit for emergency purposes as well. Never forget to bring a flash light, knife and a lighter in your hiking and backpacking holidays backpack!

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