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How to Try On Hiking Boots and Shoes

How to Try On Hiking Boots and Shoes

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The Best Boots for Winter Hiking

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It‘s not enough to wear hiking shoes, safety also matters!

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Suitable Clothes And Hiking Backpacks To Bring Whilst Hiking

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New Balance Hiking Shoes

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Backpacking with friends

Easy Steps on Planning for a Hiking and Backpacking Holiday?

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5 Hiking Associations

There is a benefit to joining he many different hiking associations there in the United States and Canada. In addition… Continue reading »

My Hiking Shoes and Stick

Women’s Hiking Boots Shopping Tips

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Equipment for Hikers

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a men hiking boots

Men’s hiking boots, Make it Last for years

What is the best way to make your men’s hiking boots last for years? Should you wash it with soap… Continue reading »