5 Hiking Associations

There is a benefit to joining he many different hiking associations there in the United States and Canada. In addition to supporting an organization and getting support and information in return, you can receive substantial discounts on hiking material. This means the best hiking boots and the best hiking shoes and other hiking gear can be yours at a fraction of the cost. See which one of these hiking organizations interest you:

American Hiking Association-The American Hiking Association was founded in the 1970’s, its purpose is to advocate for hiking and protect the places that hikers frequent. National Trails Day is the first Saturday in June and they promote all kinds of trails activities. These trail activities can be related to hiking on trails or biking on trails. These trail activities can revolve around building trails or maintaining trails. They host trail dedications; dedicating a trail to a specific hiker. They also host simple trail runs.http://www.belknapsportsmensclub.com/hiking.html If you’d like to get men’s hiking boots at 50% off, you can visit their online store.

Barefoot Hikers-Some hikers eschew the best hiking boots on the market and go au natural. Barefoot hikers say that the soles of your feet are sensory organs and that they should not be afraid to tackle a trail barefooted. There is no trail erosion when you hike barefooted. In addition, walking on any walkway barefooted lowers your blood pressure, further proof to join this unique group. Grace is especially beneficial.

Leave No Tracks-This group doesn’t mind wearing men’s hiking boots when they hike, they just advocate leaving nature as untouched and unspoiled as when you found it. With Earth Day upcoming, you can understand that Leave No Tracks has something grand planned. The organization, Grand Trunk is dedicating 10% of their proceeds in April to Leave No Tracks. These proceeds include online sales from men’s hiking boots, women’s hiking shoes, walking sticks, compasses, and clothing.

American Long Distance Hiking Association-This group has two chapters because long distance hiking is so popular. Hiking through should only be attempted when you have to right gear. Opt for the best hiking boots when you hike-thru. A hike for the duration of, say the 2100 mile strength of the Appaachian trail will need those and more. An interesting fact about that hike is that nearly 4,000 people attempt to hike from one length of this trail to the end, but only 10% complete it.


American Alpine Club– The American Alpine Club has its hands in community activities, benefits, and protection. They can even connect you to getting $10,000 worth of rescue insurance. Say your leisurely hike turns treacherous because you decided to re-sole your hiking shoes rather than purchase a new pair. If you fall down an embankment because of those faulty shoes, you will have coverage that will offset the cost of your rescue. American Alpine Club also offers 50% off of the best hiking boots, jackets, and accessories for hiking.

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